Preserving the Residential Character of Boca Teeca

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boca Teeca Unit Owner's Association/misused funds?

April 9th is the Planning & Zoning meeting on the extension of the 12/11/07 development approvals & Boca Teeca residents are expected to be in attendance for their pro & con views on the project.  Sallie Friedman is the self-described leader of Boca Teeca was the last President of the BTUOA which was dissolved a few years ago - even though she publicly stated recently that she is still president of the defunct organization.  Many residents paid periodic dues to the BTUOA which would also publish a telephone directory of all residents in Boca Teeca.  What happened to the several thousand dollars in the BTUOA treasury when this organization was dissolved? - ask for an accounting by the condo leaders that closed the bank accounts without notification to members and residents.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

City Changing the Rules?

Boca Teeca residents recently received a notice that on 4/9/15 there will be another hearing by the Planning & Zoning advisory board on the request for an extension of the development approvals that are scheduled to expire on 4/12/15.  How can the city council consider this P&Z board recommendation AFTER the 4/12 expiration? - since there are no scheduled meetings of the council between 4/9 & 4/12

It appears that the city staff (city manager or city attorney or other internal city employees) has determined that the development approvals do not expire on 4/12/15 afterall.  Is there any wonder that the residents of Boca Raton do not trust the city leaders when clearly defined dates for expiration of prior approvals are open to loopholes that benefit the friends of the city?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ocean Breeze Development Approvals Expiring

The 3/5/15 P&Z meeting on the Ocean Breeze development approval extension resulted in attorney Mitch Kirschner withdrawing the application "due to traffic issues".  For followers of the meeting proceedings it sounded as if Mr. Kirschner & Wells Fargo may consider resubmitting  the application for an extension, BUT it is highly unlikely that anyone will be stupid enough to pay several thousand dollars in fees to request consideration at the Thursday 4/9/15 P&Z meeting when the project approvals expires on Sunday 4/12/15 and there will not be a city council meeting on Friday or Saturday 4/10 or 4/11 to consider the P&Z board's recommendation on this issue.

Accordingly, it is now expected that the development approvals by the city from 12/11/07 will expire and the Ocean Breeze golf course property will revert to a land use and zoning designation of recreational use.  This will certainly make many of the Boca Teeca residents happy since they are one step closer to resolving this entire mess that was created when some condo leaders (many of which have subsequently deceased or moved) proposed this project when the member/owners of the golf course decided to sell the property instead of paying to renovate the clubhouse and golf course.  The many promises of grandeur by the representatives of the Chicago based developer have long be ignored as the developer dissolved the corporation a few years ago.

Boca Teeca residents have won a large battle in the war to save their community which was based upon the integration of the residents into the club, as illustrated by the lack of meeting rooms in most of the condo buildings.  Ideally, a hotel operator would consider buying the property and turning this into a resort style destination that would include amenities that would attract local residents, as well as, golf visitors to the Boca Raton area.