Preserving the Residential Character of Boca Teeca

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Foreclosure Receiver in Control--for now

Rumors have been rampant over the past few weeks about what will happen to the Ocean Breeze property since the 2007 city approvals for development have expired.  Since there are no requirements for the property to continue to be operated as a golf course and hotel, what will happen to this property?

The foreclosure court case brought by Wells Fargo bank has resulted in a receiver being appointed in order to preserve the property value to the bank since this is their collateral on their loan.  The receiver is a company that appeared to be affiliated with the Arnold Palmer golf course mgmt co. in the past and the receiver company is run by Jon Whittemore from the Dallas, TX area.  Mr. Whittemore's bio indicates a long list of managing troubled golf courses, including PGA National,  Weston Hills CC & TPC Eagle Trace in the south Florida area.

So, if you need to know the short term operating plans for the property,  then residents could contact Mr. Whittemore at Advance Golf.  It should be noted that Advance golf lists several properties and their business model indicates they are here to help golf course owners transition their properties from being a burden into an advantageous asset.  Their business claims to pay the golf course owner for the operation of the business.

This sounds very positive but ultimately the foreclosure will be completed and Wells Fargo bank will sell the property,  so the long term outlook is very uncertain at this time.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Development Approvals Finally Expired!

City officials  have confirmed  that the 12/11/07 rezoning  & development  approvals on a portion of the boca teeca/Ocean Breeze golf course will expire as of today.  This brings go to a close  the approximate  10 year ordeal that was created by a now defunct developer that attempted to build over 200 townhouses on the golf course with the assistance of a now deceased condo leader. Did the developer take advantage of the senior citizens?

Boca Teeca does not have a master association  so it will be dependent upon residents to voice their support for maintaining the integral golf course & hotel which supports the overall community.  Wells Fargo Bank is responsible for the future of the property as they continue their 5+ year foreclosure process on the golf course and hotel.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Future of Boca Teeca

The future of the Boca Teeca community is currently in the hands of Wells Fargo bank as they continue the foreclosure on the over 200 acres that surround the community.  Many of the high rise condos were built without even a single room for their 200+ unit owners to gather for business or social functions since the intent was for the country club to be the focus of the condo residents. 

This illustrates the importance of finding a resolution to the ownership and operation of the country club property, so what do residents want to see happen to the hotel and country club properties?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Cancelled/Ocean Breeze on 4/9 P&Z agenda

The P&Z meeting on 4/9 has been cancelled but it has not been determined if the city  will continue with their loophole position on the expiration date of 4/12/15.  While the public comments  have focused on the county traffic dept. approving an  extension to only 12/31/15 the city traffic engineers have issued a scathing report with 8 significant concerns, including the requirement for a double left turn lane on NW 2nd Ave. for westbound traffic on Jeffrey St./Clint Moore Rd.   Is this a precursor to a 4-lane widening of NW 2nd Ave. through the boca teeca community?