Preserving the Residential Character of Boca Teeca

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wells Fargo Bank is a Poor Neighbor

As the owner of the over 200 acre property formerly operated as the Ocean Breeze golf course, Wells Fargo bank has not been maintaining the property in compliance with city code and there have been numerous code violations over the past year.  Most recently they were cited for not mowing the weeds which had reached up to 2 feet in height before they had a local residential landscaper to use their small 32 inch mowers to slowly mow the weeds.  After over 2 weeks of mowing they resolved 90% of the problem, but with the rain and heat of our growing season they will need to start mowing again if they are going to be in compliance with city code.  Wells Fargo continues to be an IR responsible neighbor as clearly illustrated by driving along Jeffrey/Clint Moore Rd. East of I-95 &  seeing how they have allowed the property to become overgrown with vegetation.

It is recommended that residents call the city council (561-393-7708) to let them know how poorly Wells Fargo is maintaining the property.  Residents who want to complain about this problem to the leadreship of Wells Fargo should email their board of directors at:

Considering the poor business practices of Wells Fargo bank that have been well documented in the media over the past year, maybe it should not be surprising that they are a poor neighbor.  But, residents should consider not doing business with this irresponsible financial institution since there are many banks that are available locally that are much more responsible than Wells Fargo.